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Inter Matter leads the way in sustainable material
choices for your interior design.

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Choosing materials is the first step,
measuring the impact of your interior design is next.
We offer a range of solutions to kickstart your journey.


Empower your team to embark on a sustainable journey by exploring circular interior design solutions.

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On-on-one consulting sessions

Do you need to act fast and need expert knowledge?
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Project Impact Assessment

We can calculate your interior projects with ecocost and CO2 impact. Contact us for pricing.


Make it matter!

Have you ever wondered what makes a material truly sustainable?

The interior industry uses diverse materials with limited sustainability data, and the LCA certification of a single material takes up to a year to be made.

Open-Science data

The Inter Matter method is developed in collaboration with Sustainability Impact Metrics (TU Delft) and based on Life Cycle Asssessments (LCA’s).  LCA’s offer a holistic view of the environmental impact of materials throughout their entire life cycle – from extraction to disposal.


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