Driven to make regenerative impact
in the interior design industry

It is our mission that all interiors are build with sustainable materials.
We have to act now, pull up our sleeves and use our creativity to design a positive impact.

Our motivation is embodied by the color blue. This colour signifies locally produced items, regenerative practices, low emissions, low energy consumption, and forward-thinking about what comes next.

We realize that we don't have all the answers. Therefore, we collaborate to create a more significant impact together.

We firmly believe that openly sharing our knowledge is the catalyst for the change we urgently need.

Grounded in science and ready to run fast!

The interior industry uses various materials with limited sustainability data, while certification of a single material takes up to a year.

With 25 years in interior building, we've partnered with scientists, experts and designers to rapidly share essential insights.

The Inter Matter team developed the classification tool based on science and open-source data from the Idemat platform that is developed by TU-Delft.

The tool generates an assessment based on 20% of the life cycle of a material that generates 80% impact.

The numbers are simplified by labels with color and numbers are expressed per m2 for clarity.

The Inter Matter

The Inter Matter team consist of a group people who are intrinsically motivated.
We want to show how working together and sharing knowledge can change the way we design and build interiors.

Jan Westendorp

Jan is our newby and will help us to go much faster. Taking a year off from his studies he wants to explore more sustainable options for his future.

Paola Zanchetta

Paola got connected through the Precious Plastics community for material research and processes materials through the first stage of assessments, she also uses her expertise to develop and design new tools and makes our community grow.

Tess Heeremans

Tess plays a vital role in the team as she made Inter Matter science based with her TU-Delft background. She combinated Idemat with a colourcode assessment. She always final checks the assessments before they go online and is developing workshops and new tools for others to do the same.

Mila Lücker

Pulled into our team by Tess, Mila is now our new force in accessing new materials for the library. Her motivation is to use the life cycle assessment knowledge in all her product designs.

Inigo Puerta Uranga

Inigo visualizes Inter Matter and shares the stories behind materials and Inter Matter on our instagram page. @intermatter

Marije Remigius

Marije has been working in the interior industry as a builder for 25 years and since 5 years sharing her knowledge with her company
She started with Inter Matter as a need to share her sustainable material knowledge within companies.

Friends and Foes

This is a team effort, more names to mention as they give us feedback and push us forward to do better and to keep on going!

Thank you:
Joost Vogtländer
Janina Nieper
Marieke van Diepen
Sandy Bruns
Joost Buiter
Hetty Keiren
Navied Tavakolly
Martijn Pantlin
Asia Jackowska
Masato Sezawa
Klaske Postma
Yvonne Witte
Boaz Bar Adon
Marjanne Cuypers-Henderson
Dirk van Deursen
Aisha Walles
Michiel Remigius
Mirjam van Dijk
.....and more!

Last but not least ...
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